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With over 20 years of professional animal care experience behind us, Sierra Stroll gives our clients peace of mind knowing that their devoted animal companions are getting a superior level of care and compassion. In a recent blind survey, our customers gave us high marks, with an overall satisfaction rating of 100% from every client, and all indicated they would recommend us to others!

"I never worry or am concerned about my dog, because I know that the staff of Sierra Stroll will be there. My dog is a better pet because of their service to my family..." -F. Parker, Woodbridge, VA

Fuzzy & Buddy - I trust the folks at Sierra Stroll to take good care of our cats. It is very reassuring for me to have someone to look after our space while we are away and, even more importantly, it is so much easier on our cats to be able to stay in their regular surroundings. The price is comparable to boarding, but it is so much less stressful for the cats. Similarly, because I know that I am working with professionals, I don't have to worry about whether or not my guidelines are being followed or if the pet sitter is going to know how to handle an emergency -- they absolutely do. I highly recommend getting a pet sitter and letting your animals stay in their own homes when you are away -- I think that Sierra Stroll is the best option for pet sitters in the area.

J. Applebaugh
Lake Ridge, VA

Cheddar & Bailey - Very professional, compassionate, and fantastic. Reasonably priced, and really puts your mind at ease when leaving your pets at home...they *get* it!

C. Nesbit
Woodbridge, VA

Kira & Diesel - O.k., so I'm a sappy dog owner! I give my dogs ice water in the summer, they "own" our home, we plan our vacation and other family events around the comfort of our 2 four-legged kidz! So when it comes to the care, the attention, the devotion and the love needed to care for my 2 kidz, nothing or no one goes without careful scrutiny. I absolutely love Sierra Stroll. They are extremely careful, they really want to know and understand you and the needs of your four-legged family members. I moved from one pet service to Sierra, simply because I felt they really loved and cared for all pets. They are responsive, honest and treat me and my family like we matter. For each walk, I get a note telling me what my dogs have done and how they've behaved. Their prices are the best in the area and worth every cent. Looking for someone to love your animals like you do - go with Sierra - you will never be disappointed.

R. Jackson
Woodbridge, VA

Dixie & Raider - 5 Stars out of 5! Sierra Stroll is hands-down the best business I've dealt with since moving to NoVA in 2006. They ALWAYS make time for my Dixie and Rader. They love my dogs, and understand how much I love them, too. They grieved with me when my Rader had to pass from this life. Chris and Randi are the BEST. I recommend them often, and I will continue to do so. I'd give them a dozen stars if possible. They are simply the best - show up on time, take care of my beloved pets, ensure my home is secure before leaving, and just give me peace of mind when I can't be here myself.

Cissy D.
Woodbridge, VA

Gibbs & Ziva - 5 Stars out of 5! Maria was wonderful with Z and G. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that we have found reliable care for our four legged children while we are away. We can look forward to traveling and having peace mind knowing that they are well cared for and loved while we're not with them. Thanks so much Sierra Stroll!!

W. Hunsucker
Lorton, VA

Koda, Henderson, Willy & Alex - Hands down, best decision we ever made was to request Sierra Stroll for mid day walks for my dog and pet sitting for my cats while we are away. Sierra Stroll has gone and continues to go above and beyond. There are not enough words to express how much we love and appreciate the ladies at Sierra Stroll. If you are looking for a company that is the whole package, look no further, Sierra Stroll is it.

R. Colella
Woodbridge, VA

Angel - I'd give Sierra Stroll 6 stars. Unexpected family emergency, boarding my mother’s dog (Angel) was becoming expensive. Rather than boarding Angel it was more cost effective to keep Angel at my house. I registered online and the next morning received a confirmation and by the next day they came and took Angel for a walk twice a day for a half hour each and filled out a report card. Sierra Stroll was a heaven send. I found them to be reliable, honest, and committed to the care of my pet. I highly recommend Sierra Stroll Pet Care!

C. Egan
Occoquan, VA

Bronx & Harley - I have been so fortunate to have Chris become a part of my extended family. Harley is a kitty who has terrible anxiety when I go away, and having Chris come in and love him as much as I do really helps. He is always much happier when I get back from a trip and I know he's well taken care of. When I got a puppy, Chris was a logical choice. I know how much she loves animals, and I feel so much better being able to go to work without worrying about the pets. Bronx is a good boy for her and appreciates all of the attention I know she gives him. Harley and Bronx send purrs and licks in thanks, and highly recommend Chris and Sierra Stroll. Thanks so much for all of your great service and love!

A. Frye
Lakeridge, VA

Dori & Kili - We had the BEST pet sitters Friday & Saturday. Sierra Stroll took such good care of our girls that instead of hysterically 'happy to see you' we got the 'glad you're home Mom and Dad but we were ok' greeting. Which is a GOOD thing but a little deflating. LOL!! Absolutely TERRIFIC!! The girls were walked, fed, meds were administered, and time spent playing with them in the comfort of our home. In addition, lights were turned off/on for security purposes and our newspapers brought in.

B. Ravinski

Billy - I was very fortunate to have found Chris as a pet sitter for my cat, Billy. She not only took care of all his needs but also spent quality time playing with him. Knowing that he was in good hands made it easier for me to be away from home. I highly recommend Sierra Stroll for anyone with a pet!

S. Chai
Woodbridge, VA

Colonel Grady & Rosie - Excellent! Very satisfied with the service. We received daily texts/emails with updates on the dogs. When we returned home there was a comprehensive report for each visit.

T. Smith
Woodbridge, VA

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